Jchart stock market charting software

Jchart is a project I started several years ago in the Java 1.0 time frame around 1996. It was originally a Java applet but is now a stand alone desktop application. I use it almost daily and have open sourced it. I have several other projects based on Jchart such as trading systems, stock screening, and overall market breadth indicators. The open sourced Jchart includes a money flow indicator I have developed based on price, volume and Japaneese candlesticks. I find it very usefull and I hope you will too.

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Paul Russo is a Software Engineer who loves learning new technologies and sharing information with others. With a background in server side web application and microservice development mostly in Java. Technical areas of interests are in security, data privacy, simplifying deployments, cloud infrastructure, finance and software craftsmanship.

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